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These people really care to create a great drink without any need for substitution. Service was friendly, fast; atmosphere and lighting perfectly executed. - Lejla

It had a very casual feel in the air. With over sized couch and chairs, you almost felt like you were hanging at a friends house. There are booths, and tables for privacy,(for the couple wanting quiet or the shy type) but really like that some sections were open (for the more friendly out going type). - Monica

This is perfect.  Just what Edmonds needed. - Jim

The Shrimp Tacos are so good!  OMG!   This place is so pretty!  So cozy and warm and elegant, but not stuffy.  -  Kendra

...And watching for pigs on the wing.

Open Monday through Saturday from 4:00 to Midnight

The Winged Pig
203 Fifth Avenue South  suite #4
Edmonds, Wa  98020
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